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@health2con Wellness - Our genes haven't changes - our lifestyle has.

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Dr Alan Greene

Our genes haven't changed 

Number 3 source of calories for kids is soda.
Chips and fries are only vegetables in top 10 and only fruit in top 20 is non-citric Apple Juice.

With Demos from and Discussion with:

We have to change the environment that people live in. 
A typical day is bed, couch, car, desk, car , couch, bed.
Access to fresh fruit and vegetables, Access to recreation facilities. 

"Health is both a wave and a particles."

Obesity increases the cost of maternity care.

Preston Maring talking about Farmers Markets at Kaiser Permanente facilities. 

The best public health tools are 2 sharp knives, a cutting board and a salad spoon. it gives you access to inexpensive and healthy pasta sauces.

Exercise and good food is the foundation for health

Recipes are a valuable Prescription. 

Carol Diamond of Markle:
We are way past thinking about tools and apps. Technology is now having profound impact on society. [Ed: Just look to the Middle East.]

Tools as Opportunities:
Fooducate. "Eat a bit better" A mobile app that provides advice on food choices. Free iPhone App. Android coming soon.

Scan Barcode tells you how the product rates. Offers healther alternatives.

200,000 products in the database.  Very cool app. Very useful.

Food advice. Very cool - it can be tailored for dietary issues. eg. Gluten intolerance. Helps you create a shopping list. Suggests better alternatives.
If it doesn't have a barcode it is probably good for you.

Serving Size - Fooducate shows Portion Size. ie. when you eat a whole packet of chips - that is a portion but might be 3 servings.

Shopwell sorts coupons by health rating.

We need to nurture Nutritional Intelligence. We ned to teach people to cook.  
[Ed:Remember that saying "Teach a man to fish....." Yes, that one that goes back 2000 years.]

More discussion and demos.

Keas has created a social game built around their care planning platform. Earn points, join teams. Focused around employers.

Engagement is not a push -We need to generate Pull.

40% use community feeds on a daily basis. 80% return on a weekly basis to the site.

Redbrick Health
social gaming - can health go viral. Rather than use employers they have focused on communities.
 eg. MN Statewide Biggest Loser competition.

The second generation of the social challenge went live in January. Lost 60,000 lbs across the community.
60% of those engaged in a corporate setting are first timers.

Back to discussion....

Points alone don't work. You have to connect it back to community. Teams are 70% more engaged than individuals.

Lindsey: Engagement must be demonstrated before calculating ROI.

Med School teaches 1 hour of Nutrition. Yet nutrition is critical to health. 

Walmart announced that they will remove Transfats from their product lines by 2015. Anything that expands access to healthy food is a positive step.

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Per Sermo.... 20-40% of patient referrals never occur.

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