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@health2con developer challenge - The Code-athon Judging session

Real time notes from the Health 2.0 Spring Fling

Amazing stuff: Breadboards, 3D Printers and Software for better health.

Live Judging – Health 2.0 Developer Challenge Code-a-thon

See what’s been built in a day (or so) by some sharp teams of developers from around the United States as part of the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge.

Teams invited to participate include:

Judges include:

Team School Records (Bay Area, California)
Lucille Packard Foundation Challenge - Burden of Asthma on Children and their families.

800K kids in CA have Asthma.

Electronic School Health Record "in the cloud"

Some of the features include:
Air Quality indicators for School nurse.
Contact information, medications, details from their health record.
Parent communication - Text messaging

- Compare data on attendance with other schools.

Also iPhone App  text message to check air quality for ZipCode.
Message daily when Air Quality changes (good to bad, bad to good)

Objectives: reduce mortality from childhood asthma.
Improve school attendance. lower medical cost. Improve school revenues. Lower family costs.

Integration with other health records... other features, already received additional grant funding to do more market research.
School nurse is a good focal point to help with family education.

[Ed: schools already have to collect health data on kids. This could help them maintain and manage that information]
[Schools lose revenue due to absenteeism. so here is a financial incentive to help keep attendance up.]

Facebook integration and gaming for education will be on the roadmap.

Team Free Health (Bay Area, California)
Helping every American understand what healthcare they can get for free as a result of Affordable Care Act.

Insurance must cover recommended preventative screenings without charge.

88M US people will be eligible for services by 2013.

Thought is "too many screenings and too much information."

Goal: Identify which screenings to get and take action to take the screenings.

Per @cascadia - how is this different from the MyHealthyFinder on the site.

Using 4GB NPI Database in spreadsheet.

Government databases are lacking in providing information on what doctors take which insurance.

Team Wellness Garden (Bay Area, California)
50% of deaths due to poor lifestyle choices.

Change is hard, slow and uncomfortable.
Health as a quest. Gaming elements.

Actions -> Points -> Growing Garden. Live Wallpaper tied to software.

More reinforcement of message that: "Wellness is Social" -

Have you thought about checkins?  Yes - Using Sharing engine in Android.

Looking at "Scaffolding" effect. [Ed: basically another form of Microchoice]

Can't implement on iPhone due to Live Wallpaper. [Ed: come on Apple!]

Team Maya (Washington, DC)

Food Deserts and Food Oasis.

An increasingly popular topic. This team is from Pittsburg.  It was recently covered at Ignite #7 in Baltimore (

Food Oasis is a platform. Active participation.

An SMS system where users can send individual requests to a virtual market. 
text in your request. suppliers reply with price and delivery. 

A lot of information design has gone in to this platform. 

Focus has been on fresh foods. 
Doesn't depend on establishing farmers markets or shops in Food Deserts.

In a well run grocery store meat and fresh fruit and vegetables are the most profitable items.

SMS is a great user interface to widen access.

Team HealthCentral (Washington, DC)

Mixing HealthCentral data with Government data.

Based on AppStore App - HabitWatch.

This led to BreastCancerWatch
which then merged List of Mammography Centers and Clinical Trial Data.

Then HealthCentral - Questions to ask the doctor. Are clinical trials right for you.

Created widgets for the HealthCentral to incorporate Government data.

- Nearest Center
- What people are talking about on the topic. (Anonymous information - You are not alone)

Get Actionable information. Move people from virtual world to physical world. 

Breast cancer was just a theme. This can be directly applied to other conditions.
Using location data has a fine line between usability and privacy.

Have you thought about engagement through something fun:
The HealthCentral audience hasn't really taken to gaming mechanics. More about providing useful information.

Expect to see the widgets on the HealthCentral site.
Built as a HTML5 App using jQuery Mobile.

Team BlueMeter (Washington, DC)

@Aviars of Videntity and @TedEytan of Kaiser Permanente added some team members  (Heather O'Shea,Dr. Tair G. Rajwan, Sophie Raseman )


Leverage Peer Pressure to take action on your health. make it quick and easy.

Compare Me against People like me using Government data and pulling data using Blue Button.

Then the next step is action.
Encourage people to get moving.

BlueButton Parsing Library was created to use BlueButton data. This was created as a formal library available as Open Source for Developers.

Life Expectancy estimate
Blood Pressure Readings

Great concept marrying up Personal Blue Button data with National data.

[Ed: really interesting to take cost/claims data and project this on to BlueMeter to show what extra costs you are incurring by not taking action to improve health.]

Team Triangle (Boston, MA)

Kinect Abnormal Movement Assessment System (KAMAS)

Use Kinect to automatically screen excess movement tests.  e.g. Dyskiesias, Choreas, Akathesias (Restless Legs Syndrome)

$20B industry of Anti-Psychotics. Users of these drugs are a risk of Choreas. Catch in 1st year there is a high probability of successful treatment. Fail to identify and it becomes a lifelong condition.

Current assessment is 3-6 monthly, at best. Testing is subjective and unreliable.

XBox + Kinect + Open Source libraries.

Map body in space. 

Patient Benefits:
- Less disruptive
- Improved Care.

Payer Benefits: 
- Less Waste
- Avoid lifetime medication costs

Open Source Libraries to use Kinect Skeleton information is developing rapidly.

Potential is that 5% of population are impacted by these kinetic disorders.

This has major benefits for doctors. Automated review prior to consultation. Less subjective, more accurate. 

How could this be applied for care givers
[Ed: Produce this as a $50 video game coupled with Kinect. Could be attractive for caregivers. Tie with video calling on Kinect. ]

Team MIT Media Lab (Boston, MA)

Collaboract - Connected Tools for Eye Care.

Addressing Preventable Blindness. Worldwide 850M people suffer ( Diagnostic tools are bulky and unavailable. The Netra prototype cost lest than $2.00.

Created a NETRA optical device ( ). Attached to Mobile phone to measure the eye.

At Code-athon:
- Remote Training
- Remote Cataract Exam
- Supervised exams on-location

The person using the NETRA can see the exam.  Mirror results on two devices.

Connected information to open source health record. CollaboRhythm Indivo X.

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