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#whchpi Kevin Riley BCBSF talking about Retail solutions - in pursuit of Health

CASE STUDY: Collaborating with the Consumer on Their Health – Keeping the Promise of Retail Health
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida is launching many efforts to connect with consumers in the marketplace, on their terms and on matters pertaining to their health and health plan. Find out how BCBS of Florida uses retail centers, mobile technology and direct consumer marketing to help members and non-members alike in accomplishing their health and wellness needs.
  • What is retail health, really?
  • How is it met in the market and what do consumers think of it?
  • What are the possibilities of retail health?
Kevin Riley
Vice President, Innovation and Consumer Health Solutions
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida 

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BCBSFL is one of 37 Blues Companies. A not for profit serving Florida.

Migrating from Health Insurance to Health Solutions.

Insurance is moving from Employer to Individual purchases.

"EOB is neither an Explanation or a Benefit" We have to change that.

BCBSF is doing some fascinating work with developing Retail Solutions that share much with Apple's Retail Store philosophy.

Retail Health is about meeting Consumers in the market.

BCBSF Snapshot: 6,000 employees, 13 local offices, 9 Retail centers. Hq in Jacksonville.

Retail Health defined well by Booz. 

Health is 20% of GDP. 
See Doctor is Health
Getting a measurement device is Health Related.
Running shoes are Health Relevant.

BCBSFL is meeting consumers in the market:
- Florida Blue (Retail Centers, information and screenings)
- Florida Blue Community
- Florida Mobile 
- Social Media
- Retail Products

First Retail center was 800 sq.ft. Demand was so high they had to build larger centers.

Your location defines your customer base.

Have FloridaBlue Retail trucks. Go to sporting events.

Florida Mobile: 

If you use the consumers delivery method of choice they will come to you.
Added Ringtones - now a sticky solution - 2nd most popular feature after doctor search.

open to members and non-members
- Allergy info
- find a doc
- map and directions
- drug pricing
- shop for insurance

Lessons - Videos - use younger voice to reach out to new audience.
Cross-Channel. e.g. Buy insurance connects you to retail or a CSR in a call center. ie. does preliminary research.

Social Media:

Great example of Customer Service through Facebook. Convert a critic to a fan.
Learned processes. initial triage was ugly. Took 4 months to bed down the cross channel process.

See an earlier slideshare of mine. some pointers to trialblazers in the military that have addressed triaging social media interactions.

Retail Products:

Consumers have many more segments than our traditional individual, small group , large group.
- gift cards. 

What Next:
- May be expanding to a larger direct to consumer presence. May go with a non-blue partner.
- Text messaging with reasonable and relevant content. 
- Allow customers to make appointments
- Send a reminder 24 hours before and one hour before.

"You don't change behavior you offer better choices."

Why Collaborate with consumers?
1. It connects you with them
2. Gain knowledge
3. place relationship proximate to a purchase decision
4. build trust


Take Action the consumer is waiting for you.

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