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#whchpi Marketing and Brand Loyalty - New Tools for the Nw marketplace

more from the Health Plan Innovation Conference in Orlando, FL.

Case Study: Influencing Member Behavior with an Integrated Approach to Cost Transparency
Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina will present an overview of the Blue’s transparency and member engagement strategies, highlighting the role of HIT in realizing their vision for consumer transparency.
  • Using HIT to engage members with a one-stop shop of financial planning and decision-making tools
  • Details on the latest addition to the member portal, a personalized, real-time out of pocket cost estimator
  • How the solution meets the needs of the plan, strategic accounts and the members
Vicki Whichard
Director, Consumer-Driven Health Plans
BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina 

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Business Challenge:

Chronic Care is biggest contributor to cost.
Transparency means member visibility to cost of care
Regain competitive advantage
Create differentiating member experience

Employers want consumerism and transparency.

Med-Vantage Study: 
57% would use cost & quality data
27% have looked for quality data

Build it and they will come.... rather "Build it where they are"

Partnered with Med-Vantage for mobile Doctor and Hospital Finder and Treatment cost estimator.

Blues Association mandates collecting costs on 59 treatments. No mandate to present the information. BCBSSC decided to provide the information to members.
They are applying member benefits and accumulators to present a PERSONALIZED Cost Estimate.

Inpatient procedures combine cost for "compact" episodes as a total. 
Outpatient procedures show primary CPT codes and all costs for the day.
Diagnostic - Technical and professional costs added.
Office Visits - 3 categories and averaged for geographical area.

[Ed: The Treatment Cost Estimator with cost and quality is comprehensive but the User Interface and Information Design could use some work to make the data more easily digestible.]

Lessons from this exercise:
- Get marketing, technical and clinical people on the same page.
- Get an Executive Sponsor
- Test with end users (repeatedly)
- Look for best outside the industry [Ed: look at Apple design approach]
- Deployment is the start and not the end.

[Ed: Health Plans have to move beyond the "tick the box on the RFP" feature delivery and instead deliver integrated health solutions that really support their members in maintaining their health and wellness.]

[Ed: soft launch of Treatment Cost Estimator - worried about adverse Provider feedback]

Turned off feature for members who are employed by Hospital Providers. Since they have tiered benefits and use their own facilities.

Cost Estimator needs to filter nearest hospitals based on procedures performed.

Personalization in the portal looks at claims history to tailor articles.
Can do value based benefits. 


After this session I am participating in a panel moderated by Sherri Dorfman. While I am no longer with CareFirst I will be talking about their HealthyBlue and Primary Care Medical Home (PCMH) initiatives.

Multi-Channel,Multi-Touch Approach to Maximize Member Engagement
Innovative health plans are experimenting with an expanding set of marketing channels to motivate members including mobile and social media.
  • Understanding the consumer’s changing behavior in this social and economic environment
  • Synchronizing their segmentation and personalization strategies across the communication channels
  • Testing new media and mobile approaches to build member loyalty
  • Delivering consumer education to address member confusion with plan and care options
Sherri Dorfman, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Stepping Stone Partners 

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Molly Goins-Cox
Head, Member Experience
Aetna, Inc. 

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Kevin Riley
Vice President, Innovation and Consumer Health Solutions
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida 

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Mark Scrimshire
Director, Web Strategy
Care First BlueCross BlueShield 

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