Thursday, April 28, 2011

#hcidc spurring innovation

The cell reception in the auditorium at the Ronald Reagan Building is pretty poor so live posting from the West Wireless Health Institute's Health Care Innovation Day is difficult. My posts and tweets may not be that plentiful today.

Mohit Kaushal - MD Chief strategy officer - West Wireless Health

Sami Hamade - Aberdare Ventures
Bradley Merrill-Thompson. - mHealth regulatory coalition
Tom Watlington CEO Sotera Wireless
Bakul Patel - policy advisor FDA

510(k) applications suggest that more effort is going in to maintaining solutions and incremental change rather than new innovations.

Disruption does not come from established players.

Bakul - don't create new products for their own sake. Create then to solve real problems. Bradley - healthcare is constant change of policy and regulations. Dint expect stability.

Transparency on current regulations. Requires dialogue. Don't rely on one opinion from the FDA.

Regulation create barriers which brings benefits to businesses that have passed the barrier. Comparison of consumer electronics v device manufacturers. [Ed: how does that stand when Apple is highly profitable in CE markets]

Sami - sometimes we lose sight of patient as we seek to eliminate risk and increase safety.

Tom - disruptive innovation should make complex things simpler.

Mark Scrimshire
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