Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Health Reform and the possibility of compromise?

Last night I had the opportunity to attend the Stevenson University Baltimore Speakers Series. The event took place at the Meyerhoff in downtown Baltimore.

The speakers were Karl Rove and Howard Dean. It was a great event. Things got particularly heated - in a good natured way - when the topic shifted to Health Care. What was fascinating is listening to who was arguing what.

You had Govenor Dean putting forward a common sense proposal for Tort Reform that used arbitration panels and had the outcome of the panel admissible in court.

You then had Karl Rove arguing that small companies should have access to the same group rates that large companies benefit from. He also argued that individuals should be able to go and purchase health insurance and have that portable as they move between companies and across states. Isn't this pretty much what the insurance reform in the Affordable Care Act sets out to do with the creation of Insurance Exchanges?

Karl Rove also pushed for selling Insurance across state lines. Governor Dean did not agree with that but then that is the difference between small states like Vermont and massive states like Texas.

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