Tuesday, April 05, 2011

#kpcth Q&A session

100k join KP.org each month
50% usage Of KP.org
Leads to a reduction in office visits
But with more interactions with your care team.

KP is looking at mobility. Eg. How to know what cell phones members have. The center is part of a push to achieve better east coast visibility. KP is proud of achieving 30% lower Deaths from heart disease.

10m emails per year. If that was nationwide that equates to $70b of productivity savings.

Accessibility - while at work is part of the integrated secret sauce.

The center for total health is attached to 200sq.ft of advanced medical hub. Lab, radiology everything except an in-patient space all in one place. Treatment sooner is one of the best ways to reduce cost in healthcare. Planning 5 similar hubs in mid-Atlantic area. There are multiple hub types. Eg. Storefront hubs.

How can this expand to other large communities. Te lessons of CA have been applied to mid Atlantic in 2 years. KP believes it can take lessons from mid Atlantic to other communities in a year.

Integration brings synergies. Connectivity enables synergies remotely.

35 of 37 KP hospitals are HIMSS level 7 qualified - ie they are paperless. MRI's and everything else is stored electronically and available 24x7.

The average KP member stays for 17 years. That is greater than most other health plans.

What events would be great to have at the center?

HealthCamp foundation is working with Kaiser Permanente to put on healthca.mp/dc on June 8th. We all have to work together to reinvent healthcare. The Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health is a venue for those conversations.

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