Saturday, April 16, 2011

#mcitizensummit Disruption from Mobile

A Smartphone is smart because it gives access to the Internet. It is the sum of 3 prior disruptions:

1. Phone
2. Computer
3. Internet

The Smartphone puts all three in your hand.

Smartphones bring retail disruption. It is not the purchase it is the research that people can do in their hand as they walk the aisle. e.g. Which TV should I buy.

QRCodes as "Graffiti" Activists could attach to billboards to provide link to web pages that give an interpretation of the ad. eg. product owners political contributions. , green practices etc.

This can also be applied as a Layar Application using Augmented Reality to a real life location.

Can the Government use Developer Contests as an alternative to the RFP process?

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