Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mobile Data Privacy - WTF! #mcitizenSummit (Winning The Future)

Justin Brookman @justinbrookman - Director Consumer Privacy @ Center for Democracy and Technology talking about Privacy in the mobile domain.

Fair Information Practice Principles (FIPPs)

- Transparency
- Purpose Specification
- Data Minimization
- Use limitations
- Data Quality
- Individual Participation
- Security
- Accountability

But today we currently have:

- (Some) Transparency 
- Security

FTC Draft Privacy Report concepts:
- "Privacy by Design"
- Better transparency
- Simpler Choices

Bobby Rush: "Best Practices" Act
Kerry/McCain "Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights" Act
Stearns/Matheson "Consumer Privacy" Act

European Union is currently the gold standard for privacy. Even though not rigorously enforced.

US companies are increasingly pushing for baseline legislation in US to help for global transfer of data.

Shaun Daikon @AppPrivacy

Check out Wall Street Journal's "What they Know Series"
50% of top apps share zip, age, gender.

Check out Future of Privacy Forum

Check out Carnegie Mellon Locaccino - fine grained privacy location information.

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