Saturday, April 16, 2011

#mcitizen MobileHealth #omhealth why it matters ( )

Malawi in 6 months the use of mobile phones expanded the treatment of TB by 2x while saving 1,000 hrs of travel time and $3,500 in fuel costs.

Great discussion about the future of mHealth.

We need to put the user/patient/consumer/citizen at the center of mHealth.

I come back to a couple of thoughts:

- There is no Behavior Change only better micro choices that accumulate to a long term change in behavior

- Health may be private but Wellness is Social

Some of the references I used in the discussions: - A local health application company. Doing some fascinating stuff to instrument our activities around health

Open Mobile Health Initiative - Follow my tweets for #omhealth as we develop the Open mHealth community

Food Apps for iPhone:

Quantified Self -'s all about self awareness and contextual relevance.

Check out a HealthCamp near you for more of these types of conversations:

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