Saturday, April 16, 2011

#mcitizensummit some thought provoking ideas - mCitizens and the political process

More people have iPhones than have toilets.

More people have mobile devices than have toothbrushes.

Now for the keynote discussion at the mCitizen Summit

Make Sure:
- Your website is mobile friendly.
- Your emails can be read on a smartphone

Use SMS with Group lists to make your on the ground teams more nimble.

Latinos are a significant segment in the upcoming election cycle and this is a group that predominantly uses cellphones. 10,000 latinos turn 18 every day. 21% of Latinos using mobiles for health.

The Over 50 segment are using iPads and iPod touches. This is changing their ability to interact.

Text messaging is a great way to reach low income segments.

Group SMS = GroupMe, GroupedIn, GroupFlier, FastSociety, Beluga... All were at #SXSW - puts power to organize at the citizen level.

If using Apps then make use of Push notifications. It allows users to control receipt and avoids annoying them. was used at last election to track activity at voting stations. check out:

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