Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thinking about Open mHealth (#omhealth) at #mcitizensummit

Today I am at the mCitizen Summit at Microsoft's Chevy Chase Offices. After coming from the Open mHealth Initiative meeting I have been thinking about the question "what is mHealth?"

To me: 

m = My 

But not My in isolation. mHealth is about Connected Health. No, not even connected health. It is interconnected Health.

As @3GDoctor pointed out "My" ignores the other 8 unique abilities of Mobile:

1st – mobile is personal
2nd – mobile is permanently carried
3rd – mobile is always on
4th – mobile has a built-in payment channel
5th – mobile is available at the point of creative impulse
6th – mobile is most accurate at measuring its audience
7th – only mobile can capture the social context of consumption
8th – only mobile can offer augmented reality

 I think the 7th ability should actually be 

"only mobile can capture the social context of creation and consumption." For an example of this check out the new iPhone App from Color.  

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