Friday, April 15, 2011

Open #mhealth consortium the opening session

More from the Open mHealth meeting in Washington DC. - Be warned these are Mostly my own views and observations ....

How do we create a collaborative community of developers and a learning community.
How do we share a library of reusable components with a meritocracy that enables submission of new components that enhance and extend the library.

mHealth will help to drive the change in culture around medical research. The exponential growth in data points that can be correlated and analyzed that will originate from ambient collection of Observations of Daily Living (ODL). Researchers will need to change from the traditional role of creating the data and then analyzing it to a role where they, like a fisherman, trawl the sea of data and harvest, and clean the data and then interpret and deduce learning from the data they have observed.

The larger issues of Health Reform are casting the Health IT agenda in to a broader context. There is no clear roadmap for involvement of mHealth in this agenda however the CMS Center for Innovation and the activities of the CTO Office at the Dept of HHS will be key places to start that process. Connect with the SHARPS - SHARPN, cognitive SHARP etc.
mHealth is not a Health IT issue - it is far broader than that.
How do we address the challenge of mapping ontologies, sharing and translating them.

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