Thursday, April 14, 2011

Open #mHealth Partnership Discussion. Where do we go from here?

The objectives of the first session in the afternoon at the Open mHealth initiative.

How can we "spread the word" by building partnerships. Is this a Public Private Partnership effort? Is this a Movement for Open Source, Open architecture or Distributed Health?

Examples: Harvard Up-to-Date program. Credible resource with feedback mechanism to improve. A Quasi Wikipedia?
Open mHealth is looking for a venue for community. How about HealthCamp?

"You don't herd cats you just run with a bowl of milk" 

Build a common architecture. 

Can we use the Linux model or the Eclipse Foundation model.  Open source needs to attract competitors to succeed.

Use a 501(c)3 as a fiscal sponsor. Create a consortium affiliated with the fiscal sponsor.

What are the benefits for the consumer/patient?

Provide an ability to capture, access and analyze information that is personally and contextually relevant and can be securely and easily shared under my control.

Benefits to the developer?

Provide a test platform that is replicable and extendable with reusable software that enables faster development and focus on higher level development and solution related issues.

Benefits to population managers?

Ability to aggregate information from their population that enables analysis and management.  

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