Saturday, July 30, 2011

#hcfla Brain-Hacking - Tracy Ingram @tracyingram @intentiontech

Interesting final session from Tracy Ingham. Brain Hacking.

Brain Wave States: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta.

Beta - Awake
Alpha - Relaxed
Theta, Deep relaxation
Delta - Deep Sleep.

The brain doesn't handle binaural auditory input well. It makes up the gaps to create balance.

Can we use sound to change state - hence change their mood.

The Monroe Institute's Hemi-Sync is the most popular example of this.

iBrainwave (Free)
Brainhack (99c)
i-Doser ($4.99)

Bio Electricity.

"The Matrix is Real"

Microsoft in 2009 received a patent to use Bio Electrical energy.
The same theory is used to allow our fingers to control an iPhone or iPad.
Orion Bioscan can detect cellular degeneration. (A russian device)

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