Saturday, July 16, 2011

#RainbowButton and Quantified Self (#QS ) - The Building Blocks of Quantified Community (#QUs ) at #hcsfbay

I have been asked to present at the Monday Evening Quantified Self Meetup in Washington DC. 

This should be interesting. I am very interested in the developments going on in the QuantifiedSelf movement (#QS). However, while I wear a Fitbit and capture some of my physiological data on a regular basis, I don't class myself as a committed #QS person. What I am very interested in is how the experimentation in the #QS community can be unleashed in the wider community to improve Health and Wellness.  

for my five minute presentation I am going to bring together some streams to encourage the #QS community to create the Quantified Community. I think this should have a Hashtag of #QUs. What do you think?

As part of this talk I want to discuss the Rainbow Button Initiative (#RainbowButton) which builds on the great work being done at the Veterans Administration with the Blue Button. The Rainbow Buttons are:

Blue Button
 - Download my Health Data to my computer using a standard format

Green Button - Allow me to donate my health data anonymously to another organization 

White Button - Allow me to send/upload my detailed Health Data to another Provider (or copy me when my data is sent between providers)

Red Button - Lock elements of my Health Record I do not want to be shared.

In preparing for my presentation I needed a graphic so I have drafted the additional Green, White and Red buttons. Here they are alongside the VA's Blue Button.


Do you think these represent their functions accurately?

Anyway, I need to settle down and pull these threads together...

- Quantified Self
- Rainbow Button Initiative
- Quantified Community
- HealthCamp

There is definite synergy between HealthCamp and Quantified Self. At the upcoming HealthCampSFBay on 9.23.11 we will be having a Quantified Self track and a Food and Nutrition track. Indeed, we are even planning to have some cooking demonstrations. 

In fact I would go so far as to issue an open invitation to the Quantified Self community to come to any HealthCamp event (the calendar is here) and join in. There is a lot to be learned from each other. 

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