Thursday, August 25, 2011

#Health2STAT - Customer Satisfaction index.

4)    What They Really Think and Say About Mobile
Drew Bennett is Senior Director, Product at ForeSee Results and is responsible for all product strategy and deployment.

Talking about measuring what customers think about mobile.

4 Mobile Themes:

1. Functionality
2. Mobile Is/Isn't the Web
3.Technology Issues


People have a very specific task to accomplish.

The emergence of the tablet has moved mobile to more of a browsing experience.

Mobile IS/Isn't the Web:

- Some people want everything from the web site.

"The right content is king"

Technology Issues:
- People don't expect technology problems.

- People are thrilled to participate via mobile. 
- They are willing to give feedback

How do you measure:
- Phone and Tablet are different

- Mobile is a critical growing channel

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