Monday, September 12, 2011

Big crowd here for "putting the I in health IT" at #HHS #ONC

Farad opens the session.

Communication has changed. It is changing our world and now healthcare.

The patient must be at the center and information is power.

We want consumers as active partners in their health. Give them info and the tools to learn about Their health.

Nikolia kirienko a patient and health innovator introduces Kathleen Sibelius.

Secretary Sibelius acknowledges the initial work of David Blumenthal in reshaping Healy in the USA on a scale that has never been attempted before.

The average senior with chronic conditions sees 14 doctors each year.

Health IT delivers better care when compared with paper based systems.

60% of it vendors have fewer than 200(?) employees. Each is a potential google or Microsoft.

Today is about patients. Electronic records have so much potential.

Today a proposed rule to allow patients to get lab results directly from the labs.

President Obama has also made September 11-16 national Health innovation week.

Us surgeon general - dr Regina Benjamin "it's your information - you have a right to it"

Dr. Dennis Stasulis - patient

ER doc prescribed medicine that would have reacted with current Meds. Fortunately they were using an emr. They were able to check for drug interactions.

Donna Cryer - liver transplant patient.

Nikolia kirienko - crohns disease sufferer. You have to tell your story - over. And over again. Developing an ipad phr to capture observations from daily life.

Nikolia "We desperately need collaborative medical records"

Donna - I am not tech savvy. We need to use technology to help us. Dennis - we need the data online. It may not be discovered if crumpled up in a pocket.

Now up a panel: todd park, Aneesh Chopra Peter Levin and don berwick.

Don Berwick - the patient is part of the safety system. Who knows more. Docs are the coaches.

Patient centeredness is a critical quality.

People often come with more knowledge than the medical team.

Shared decision making produced better outcomes at lower cost with less waste.

The blue button is magical!

Farzad - introduces leon rodriguez, Ofice of civil rights, HHS Yes consumers have right to access to their health records under hipaa Consumer confidence is paramount as we move forward. We need sensible precautions. A culture of compliance is needed.

Farzad hHS is releasing a model personal privacy Notice that can be used by phr vendors.

Dossia, Microsoft and nomoreclipboard have pledged support for the notice.

Peter levin now talking blue button.

It is infinitely better than what we had. Because we started with nothing. It is not a government program. It is a partnership. 400,000 people are already using the blue button.

VA, Medicare, TriCare have implemented. Many others are doing the same across private industry.

Markle have created documents to support blue button adoption

Bluebutton is a pledge to give people access to their pen information.

Launching a consumer pledge to give people access.

Aetna 9m have access to blue button
United 7m to has access

Kaiser 60% of users have accessed their medical records.

Children's hospital Boston is implementing the direct project. ( #whitebutton) . Nomoreclipboard is also supporting this emerging protocol.

Lots of technology vendors getting involved. Aneesh Chopra announcing groups supporting spreading the word about his initiative. Microsoft, Dossia, AARP, ANA, consumers union, national health collaborative for the under served, national eHealth collaborative, alliance for nursing informatics, Cincinnati beacon text4health program, HIMSS, EHR association, Oracle, Intel, healthragious, national health council.

Are all supporting spreading the word about benefits of having access to your medical records.

1. 2012 health data palooza will have a consumer track

2. Farzad will run a challenge for safe transitions from hospital to the home. Strengthen information flow. $25k prize.

3. Presidential challenge: we all have a role to play empowering patients.

Farzad: this is the people's movement.

Onc is there to unblock he abilities of others to make this change happen.

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