Monday, September 12, 2011

@Delicious has potential to extend the life of content if they can tap into our feeds and auto tag for us

I was just reading about the emerging plans for Deliciopus had languished at Yahoo for a number of years before being purchased by the founders of YouTube as they looked for their next project.

I think they may be on to something.  If Chad Hurley and Steve Chen can tap in to the Twitter fire hose and our Facebook feeds, and Google Plus too. They have an opportunity to aggregate and tag the content that flies past us on a daily basis. 

I was reading recently on hubspot about the shelf life of content is now down to about 3 hours (or 7 hours for video). However, many of the links embedded in that content are useful resources we want to get back to. But Twitter for example, makes it hard to search for anything more than a week old. 

Imagine the potential if Delicious automagically monitored our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other feeds. If it analyzed the content of the message surrounding the links to provide automated "first pass" tagging and posted this to our delicious feed as shared, tagged content that we could retrieve easily.

That has some amazing potential!

Steve & Chad - Go for it!

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