Monday, September 19, 2011

@BodyMedia #sxsh un-conference talk. Let's change behaviors now we can measure what we are doing

Talking about Connected Health with Bodymedia.

Body Media measures a host of data points including skin temperature.

Bodymedia started as FDA Regulated type 2 device in 1999. Selling to the professional community. 

Social Media has evolved in to networks that we trust. How do we drive behavior change using Social Media. Is it more of a totla intervention. Can we use gamification?

Feedback loops - realtime guideposts. Give suggestions and support. 

Data sharing is important. We can use social media posts as source of behaviors.

A Bodymedia device collects 5,000 data points every minute.

BodyMedia tapped data from 7,000 people to look at BMI and sleep data. This is many times the size of previous studies.

We are moving from Personal Health and Fitness to Collaborative Health and Fitness

Talking about How Personal health metrics can support a Quantified Community by sharing our data to provide the foundation of Quantified Community. We have talked about this in conjunction with the Rainbow Button initiative.

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