Monday, September 19, 2011

#scsh @healthyThinker talking Connected Health

Sustainability is the new happiness:

- Save me money
- Keep me healthy
- Inspire Creativity
- Conserve Resources

Not just health companies. - All companies. You all have a part to play in my health.

Consumers even look to financial services to help keep finances healthy which contributes to our health.

Physical, Mental Emotional/Spiritual. Financial - All are part of "our health."
People are turning to companies that offer value and echo my values.

56% of uninsured have problems paying medical bills

Self-service health care is increasing.

In the recession people are buying store brands and clipping coupons (92%). Moving to generics (90%).

Mayo Clinic has a store at Mall of America where 40M people per year pass by. That is exactly why they are there!

Dell Survey on how Patients engage.

only 9% share information electronically often with hospitals and doctors.
Patients want EHRS to be shared(74%)61% want access to their information via a portal.

74% of people told Intuit that they want online access to their doctors.

47% said they would switch doctors if they didn't offer online access.
Online tools attract younger patients.

51% said they would ask care questions via a portal

ONC is now pushing "Putting the I in Health IT"

Patient Preferences need to be included in medical treatment decisions.

15% of US internet users have tracked weight, diet or exercise.People are more likely to monitor after a "Life Moment." Lack of interest is the biggest barrier to engagement (28.7%) via Redbrick Health

Households with disabilities have less access to broadband that houses without disabilities.

Health Care is not the doctors office - it is everywhere we want to be. Where we live, eat, work, play and pray.

Design and Usability is the key to sustained engagement.

Market Segmentation: 1 solution doesn't fit all. We need lots of 10% solutions.

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