Tuesday, September 20, 2011

#epatcon GameOn! John Pugh @Boehringer Ingelheim

Head of Online Communications, Boehringer Ingelheim
Game on! Using Lessons Learned from Farmville and Pokemon for Health Engagement: At Boehringer Ingelheim we understand how gaming is an important vehicle for exploring and learning about healthcare. Healthseeker is a game that was developed by Tudiabetes with some loving help from Boehringer Ingelheim. Drive4COPD uses game mechanics to drive COPD screenings. R2D (working title) takes this one step further. It marries the phenomenal success of time-lapse, task based games like Farmville with the combatative elements of trading card games like Pokemon that allows players to discover molecules, conduct clinical trials, and cure diseases. All they have to do is cure the right diseases and keep their status as an independent, research driven, ethical pharma company... sound familiar?

Lessons from Farmville and Pokemon for Health Engagement. Gaming and Gamification.

We invented Gamification to make it sound more important and grown up. But really its just playing games.

12 Future Forces. Let's look at 3:
1. Bite-sized Info (e.g Twitter)
2. Social Power (grow in importance, self organizing) e.g. Facebook. Always had open comments. Treated like a real community. Also use YouTube in the same way.
3. Gamification (games can be fun and educational) Even chores can be engaging. Healthseeker was funded by Boehringer. and encouraged people to have healthy habits.. 

Drive4COPD: early diagnosis improves patients lives. The aim was to reach 1M people. They have actually had close to 2M online screenings.

Boehringer created a game: check out http://www.syrum-game.com #bisyrum

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