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#epatcon Pecha Kucha Presentations@BarbaraFicarra @PhilBaumann

  1. Pecha Kucha Presentations

    Journalist & media broadcaster,
    Social Networking: A Critical Link to Engage Patients and Health Care Professionals: Through the popular Pecha Kucha format, 20 slides in exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds long; Barbara Ficarra, RN, BSN, MPA, registered nurse/journalist/media broadcaster/founder and health educator; will explain how patients engagement with social networking gives them a voice and helps them take actionable steps in improving their health, and at the same time, how it allows health care professionals to engage in real-time with health care consumers to foster positive interactions.

    Principal, Health Is Social
    The Patient Tweets: How Twitter Can Be Used To Tell Patients' Stories:Twitter's 140 character limit creates an unique condition for extracting meaning in ways unlike any other medium. Find out what promises, limits, and ramifications Twitter poses in healthcare.

    Chief Innovation Officer, Ignite Health
    The Gamification of Health: This session will look at how "Game Mechanics" can be used in program design to improve education, increase adherence, and save lives. This session with introduce a few of the most powerful principles in game mechanics, deconstruct real-world examples where those principles are being effectively applied, and close with a perspective on what the future might look like.

    President, Palio
    20 Mobile Solutions That Are Changing Patients' Lives: Almost every tactical discussion these days discusses mobile engagement with customers. Yet despite broad mobile access to HCPs, patients, and caregivers, pharma is still struggling to be effective with this channel. Learn how to improve your efforts through real examples of companies that are using mobile effectively.

Barbara Ficarra

Barbara had a real challenge coping with the 20 slides in 20 seconds format. 

Talking about Social Media and how communication has changed.

Collaboration is critical. It is about building relationships and communities.

People are looking for support. They find it from each other.

50M tweets are archived by the Library of Congress every day.

Best rule of Social Networking: Think before you post.

Social Networking is not going away. It has always been here...just slower.

Phil Baumann, RN

Founder of Health is social.

21st Century Health Wisdom. 

Is your life one big tweet?

Twitter is a metaphor for our communications in the 21st Century.
A Tweet is the tip of an iceberg.

Clinical Tweets. 2 years ago created RNChat and MDChat and once they were talking to each other then engaged the patients.

Your homework: Think about how we can use new media to explore and tell stories.

Feeling Empowered comes from inspirational stories. 

Fabio Gratton

Gamification of Health.

Gamers solve the puzzle of life in 10 days with the only reward being a leaderboard.

Reality compared to games is broken:

Reality: Worst game ever.

EPIC Win in Health is Experience | Purpose | Incentive | Catharsis

- Experience in an engaging environment.
- Progress with plan and purpose
- Incentives drive increased involvement and interaction
- Cathartic moments 

Gamification is effective when you don't realize it is in effect.

Mike Myers

20 mobile solutions that are changing patient's lives.

It starts with a guy (Gordon Moore) the government and smart phones. It all works because of connectivity.

Involvement leading to better outcomes.

1. Patient monitoring
2. HCP Monitoring
3. EMR
4. Compliance Tools such as Glowcaps
5. Patient Communities ( )
6. Twitter
7. OB Labor management (Airstrip OB)
8. pain monitoring
9. Cardiac Exercise Monitoring (now embedded in watches)
10. Mobile Eye Screening (Eyenetra)
11. Pill Camera Technologies
12. High Risk Pregnancy Monitoring (Smart Diaphragm)
13. The SmartPhone
14. Patient Apps (GoMeals, iHealth BPM, Babymate, AsthmaMD + + )

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