Wednesday, September 21, 2011

#epatcon Ron Gutman @rongutman @HealthTap


Founder and CEO, HealthTap
Patient-Centric Physician Engagement Online: The e-patient movement showed us the value of online health conversations and the power of better health information. Now, by inviting physicians to participate where we interact online, and by giving patients access to the perspectives of multiple physicians on every question and topic and adding transparency to patient care we can revolutionize the process of care and facilitate real Participatory Medicine. Physician and patient engagement in the online conversation means immediate limitless patient access to trusted local medical knowledge, a better partnership between patients and physicians, and a fertile ground for high quality patient driven personalized care.

Ron talking about smiling and Trust-sourcing Health

70% don't have same day access to doctors.

Patients want/need:
- Access
- Personal
- Answers to Question

Pew Internet found 

Google serves 1.2B health searches per month. 

But  Pew found 48% found the internet no help at all. 59% with chronic conditions felt the same.

Trust is the biggest issue when reviewing health information.  Doctors are not online. We trust physicians but they are not online.

What if a physician had a virtual practice. Interactive health would deliver trust and instant access.

The new era of interactive health:
- Smartphones and tablets
- Social conversation
- Interactive physicians
- Game dynamics
- Data and cloud

Doctors want to keep a separation between personal and professional lives.

How do we get there:

- Personalization
- Virtualization
- Gamification

Ron is talking about "Digg for Doctors" with a Trust element built in.

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