Tuesday, September 20, 2011


  1. Verilogue
    Introducing the Audio Health Record; patients creating meaningful use from their doctor's visits: Doctor visits are brief and physicians dominate the dialogue. Most patients fail to actively voice their concerns in the exam room and leave the visit recalling less than half of what they heard. Introducing CareCoach, a digital health advocate that improves patient confidence and enhances communication with healthcare providers. CareCoach's mobile app creates a more meaningful office experience for patients and their families by helping them:
    • Prepare for and actively participate in doctor visits by allowing them to listen and learn from real exam-room conversations shared by patients like them
    • Record their doctor visits using digital and mobile recording devices
    • Review and share the visit recordings with their loved ones on-line.

    1 billion Doctor visits each year.

    Verilogue has been capturing audio dialogues of doctor-patient exchanges. 

    Doctor/Patient Talk ratio is 5:1.  
    Talk ratios vary across disease conditions but 5:1 is pretty typical.

    1 billion visits create 3 billion opportunities.  Before, During and After. 

    Patients turn to other resources to answer their questions. Yet physicians want patients to keep a log or bring someone to a visit with them.

    Consumer Reports: 50% visit recall. 25% remembered correctly. 
    80% don't remember the doctor's name and 30% don't remember the diagnosis.

    Patient Dialogue Disorder - Goes with my assessment of Disassociated Patient Syndrome: (  )
    If you are not prepared you are overwhelmed and not active in the conversation. Then the stress of the visit leads to poor recall.

    CareCoach.com uses a mobile app to record a conversation and listen to similar conversations in order to be prepared.
    Categorized conversations by condition and mined conversations to highlight the stages of the condition. 

    Questions can be logged by the individual or their care team to ask during a visit. 

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