Monday, September 26, 2011

Health 2.0 Developer Challenge Update #Health2con #Health2dev

Michael Jackson - Head of Healthcare solutions - Adobe Introduces: 

Indu Subaiya and Jean-Luc Netpune to talk about the latest updates on the developer challenge.

1,300 people are in the Health 2.0 Developer Community.

Innovation Showcase: The Health 2.0 Developer Challenge

GRAND B (Main Ballroom)

Sponsored by:

See what the buzz has been about! With over 20 online challenges and 6 code-a-thon events across the country, 2011 has been the year where the challenge model has brought innovation to health care. Under the rubric of the America COMPETES Act, ONC has contracted with Health 2.0 to run itsInvesting in Innovation i2 Challenge series. The Health 2.0 Developer Challenge continues with both HHS and private sector challenges – come see the winners from both the online Challenges and the live code-a-thons. And hear about several brand new challenges being launched with significant prizes.

This session will be em-ceed by Health 2.0′s Indu Subaiya & Jean-Luc Neptune.



  • Abdul Sheikh, Program Director, National Cancer Institute
  • Steve Menke, Chief Information Officer, BodyMedia
  • Colin Watts, Chief Innovation Officer, Walgreens
  • Matthew Holt & Alex Drane, Engage With Grace

BodyMedia (from Pittsburg) - Steve Menke - CIO introduces winners: CTIS from Rockville, MD.

Winner of the Get Moving challenge.

Interesting mix of Bodymedia and Google Plus. This used the new GooglePlus API.

Colin Watts - Chief innovation Officer - Walgreens

Aamer Gaffer, EVP Product Solutions mHealth Coach - Chicago, IL

Walgreens see 6M patients each day. Invented the Milkshake and is within 3 miles of 2/3rds of Americans.

Integrated Medline Plus and other feeds. Built a tablet app.

Lucile Packard Foundation 

Winner Damien Leri - Team Big Yellow Star

mapping children's health in California:

Engage With Grace Challenge - Matthew Holt and Alexandra Drane.

Helping the discussion around handling of End of Life decisions.

Winner: Damien Leri - Team Big Yellow Star

Will Yu - Investing in Innovations (i2)
Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT

America Competes Act 2010 - A program to jump start innovation. Launching up to 30 challenges over 2 years.

Abdul Shaikh, Program Director - National Cancer Institute

The first NIH Challenge. 

500,000 deaths from Cancer in 2011 and 50% are attributed to preventable behaviors.

The Challenge: Using Public Data for Cancer prevention and Control - From innovation to impact.

Phase 1: - 4 Semi-Finalists receive $10,000
- Ask Dory (ask personalized questions to connect you with clinical trial investigations)
- HealthOwl (get help in the cancer screening process)
- mHealth mPowered (Personalized information for cancer prevention)
- My Cancer Genome (Genetically informed cancer medicine for clinicians)

Phase 2: - Final submissions due Nob 18th. Two finalists receive $20,000 each.

Jean-Luc Neptune: 5 Challenges

1. Apps Against Abuse (ONC/VPOTUS) Oct 17th - Prize: Recognition
2. Reporting Device AAdverse Events Challenge (ONC) Dec 2nd - Prize: $40,000
3. Ensuring Safe Transitions from Hospital to Home (ONC/PfP) Nov 16th - $40,000
4. Million Hearts Challenge (ONC, MH) Soon, $75,000
5. popHealth Tool (ONC) Soon, $100,000

Will Barkis - Ignite Initiative
Public private partnership to trigger development.

Ultra High Speed - 1GBps network
Programmability - Post Internet Protocol World
Sliceability: isolated Slices of network can run different internets in parallel.

NSF + US Ignite Partners Capital to develop apps.
Create a platform for innovation
Build a community of developers and users.

Duncan McKechnie - VP and Head of Cardiovascular and Cross-Cultural Marketing at Novartis

Cardio Engagement Challenge. 

Cario Vascular Disease is number 1 killer in USA. Most deaths are from controllable factors.

Engage patients in compelling activity, personalized, scalable, multi-platform

$15,000 to finalists (4 winners) who go to a final with winner taking $100,000.

Mike Painter - Sr Program Manager - Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Aligning Forces for Quality Developer Challenge

1st Prize: $100,000
Looking for innovative approaches that help consumers

Peter Levin - Veterans Administration

Where is the Blue Button today. Clay Shirky came up with the name of the Blue Button.

VA has had 500,000 users of Blue Button of which 60% or 320,000 are Veterans. 

Computers can interpret a lot of information from this loosely structured file.

VAI2 = VA Innovation Initiative

Innovation aimed at Employee competitions. 50,000 participants.

External VA Initiative program $100M budget over 2 years.

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