Tuesday, September 27, 2011

#Health2con Devices and Sensors session led by @stephenjdowns

Great devices and sensors session at Health 2.0:

Self Management Devices, Tools and Trackers


Moderated By: Steve Downs, Chief Technology & Information Officer, RWJF


Check out Textweight.com. free for next 3 months. Simple SMS interface coupled with the web site.

Simplee ADDRESSING THAT OXYMORON  - The EOB - Explanation of Benefits

Great graphical drill down that explains the indecipherable EOB.

They now offer e-payment.   

Simplee - often called the Mint of Health. 

Free to consumers.

WellApps - demonstrating an iPhone app for GI monitoring. Recently added is "Socialize" to allow people to share info.

The Web Apps allows you to graph readings, turn on and off data to allow quick and easy correlation. You can connect your Foursquare checkins and correlate them on the chart. Great way to gain insight and improve Quality of Life.

Expect this to expand to other conditions that are dependent on subjective measurement.

Ginger.io - collects mobile interaction data. 

Uses Accelerometer, use of phone and other passively collected data. 

Also have questionnaires to collect subjective data.
User owns the data and select who they want to share with.

Currently focused on Diabetes and depression. 

Combination of active and passive data collection provides feedback loops to improve outcomes.


Food Log Calculator. Neat - capture a photo of a meal. Image processing and analysis to recognize food items. Developed at University of Tokyo.
Uses color and texture information to identify food items. 

QuickCheck Health

The home-based Strep test is really cool. 
 A device and delivery company that uses the internet.

We spend about $8B on negative Strep tests. (75% of Strep tests are negative)

UTI, Strep, Flu and more tests. 

This is a very cool  product that offers real disruption potential.

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