Monday, September 26, 2011

#Health2con Kicks off Great keynote from Mark Smith of CA Health Care Foundation @CHCFNews

I am at the Health 2.0 Conference in San Francisco for the next 2 days. I will be tweeting and blogging from the event so expect a regular stream of updates. It is a packed event  with a lot going on.

The Opening Curtain Raiser

GRAND B (Main Ballroom)

Hosted by: Matthew Holt and Indu Subaiya, Health 2.0

Indu & Matthew will kick off the conference by reviewing the state of Health 2.0 and telling you what to expect for the conference and the year ahead.

User-Generated healthcare -> Consumers connect to providers ->

Interaction in the cloud

Great Design

Data + Data Utility Layer + unplatforms leading to decisions and actions

mHealth is just the manifestation of a network we can't see. We are an inter connected world.

Integration of the analog world is what is the next big breakthrough. This is coming true with the emergence of consumer sensors.

Connected Health communities is another big theme. The crowd comes to you through the cloud. Professional experts are moving in to these online communities.

The old world - Client-Server over featured and under used.

9,000 Health Apps for mobile devices. 

EMRs are moving to the cloud. APIs will open up. The patient is more closely linked. Data Liquidity is improving.

EMR and PHR just become data and applications.

Big Data is the other theme. It is finally arriving in healthcare.

Holly Potter is up to talk about progress with Health 2.0 - a 4 year partnership as flagship sponsor.

Mark Smith, MD President / CEO of California Healthcare Foundation (a proactive entity for change).  

Keynote: Mark Smith, California Health Care Foundation

GRAND B (Main Ballroom)

Sponsored by:

Mark Smith, President and Chief Executive Officer of the California Health Care Foundation is not only one of the wittiest people in health care, but he has always driven the industry towards making health care better andcheaper. We’re thrilled to have him tell the Health 2.0 community what he thinks we should be doing to make that happen.

Big Iron meets the Foosball crowd

Per VP Joe Biden  - this is a big effin deal

Healthcare is about 20 years behind other industries. The system is not setup to propagate change. Why would docs reduce visits if that is what they get paid for.

HealthIT Startup. Invent stuff... Magic happens... profits.

CHCF Innovation Fund is looking for investments for ideas that evolve and make money and scale. They want something with market traction.

- Technology is maturing
- Policy is evolving

- Technology is not the main obstacle.
- We are running out of time.

Widespread agreement that health care costs have to fall.

Shout out to: 
- RockHealth
- HealthBox
- VonLiebig Center at UCSD

Sources for help.

1. Cost
2. Convenience to patients
3. Rapid Learning for Providers
4. Enrollment for uninsured.

There is an awful lot that people can do for themselves if the guilds would get out of the way.

Turning data to information to learning is a massive opportunity amongst providers.

www. is developing the User Interface for health insurance exchanges.

We are just on the verge of change. 

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