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#Health2con Next Generation of Health 2.0 In the Doctors Office

In the Doctors Office

The Next Generation of Health 2.0 in the Doctors Office

GRAND B (Main Ballroom)

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SaaS and cloud-based medical record products and services are heading aggressively for physician offices. In parallel, the race for meaningful use dollars is on and legacy enterprise vendors are competing with startups offering more modular, lightweight tools across a variety of unplatforms. So who’s going to win in the race to getting EMRs to the 70% of American practices that don’t have them? And what services are needed – is software even enough? We’ll be looking at the cutting edge in products for the clinic and hearing from the upstarts and the incumbents—and seeing if we can tell the difference.


Matthew Holt interviews Pierce Graham-Jones Project Officer, Beacon Program, Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT

Pierce will be commenting on demos relating to the Doctor's Office.

Areas in the office (per Matthew Holt)

- Patient Communication Asynchronous
- Patient Communications Synchronous
- Patient Chronic Management Systems
- Patient Communities
- Practice Management
- Charting

all wrapped around  Clinical Workflow

First demo:  James Mault, CEO, Healthy Cirlces

Portal for Professionals and consumers that connect medical teams with patients and their families.

Consumer portal and Professional portal. Easily customizable surveys for clinical teams.

James Mault applauds ONC for DirectProject.org

Second demo:  Russell Olson, VP Product Management, Phytel

Population Management System. Dashboard to manage conditions and compliance to evidence-based guidelines.

Created Atmosphere platform. Open platform available to other developers.

Third Demo: Adam Odessky, Product Manager, Orange

Orange is a global telecoms company. Demonstrating DocPal.

Fascinating use of Microsoft Kinnect technology, avatars. Augmented Reality.  - Very cool. Use to measure range of movement.

Very cool!

Kareo Passionate about meeting the basic needs of the physician. Addressing those needs frees up time for the medical teams to deliver better care.

Fourth Demo: Albert Santalo, President & CEO, CareCloud 

A Practice management platform in the cloud.  Works on any computer/browser.
They believe that it should be beautiful and social - social at the core

Even Analytics has social built in.

Live with clients since March 2010. VC-backed.

Fifth Demo:  Tina Joros, Director of Developer Relations Group, Allscripts

AllScripts launched developer program. Demonstrating an App Store - ClientConnect. 

Is this more like window shopping?

Demo seven: Rick Peters, GM Clinical Technology, GE Healthcare
Simplify things so you can demo an EMR in 3.5 minutes - on an iPad.

We need to simplify EMR so we can demo in 3.5 mins because that is how much time many docs have with their patients


The iPad is what health care has been waiting for.

GE - just pointed to the driver for a retina display for iPad 3. Good enough to view xrays will make iPad totally compelling for health care.

Demo Eight: Daniel Kivatinos, Co-Founder & COO, Dr. Chrono
DrChrono - focusing on patient doctor interaction.

10,000 sign ups in 9 months. The first EMR for the iPad

Make it fun for the doctor. use the capabilities of the iPad. 

Freedraw allows you to draw on video. Very cool.

A very engaging application that really takes advantage of the iPad platform.

iPad adoption in healthcare amongst doctors is expected to be very high.

Demo Nine: Ed Park, Executive Vice President & COO, athenahealth

Demonstrating new data.  The whole team read "Reality is broken"
AthenaHealth set out to provide a gaming layer for meaningful use. Providing a feedback loop for meaningful use.

Putting a gaming layer on Meaningful Use - Gamification and feedback for docs - very cool.

Meaningful Use is the first objective game layer to change healthcare. 

All these programs demand and depend on transparency.

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