Tuesday, September 27, 2011

#health2con three ceos talking @23andme @healthline @Caringbridge

Day 2 of the Health 2.0 Conference:

In Conversation with 3 CEOs

GRAND B (Main Ballroom)

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We’ll hear 3 CEOs of companies transforming, and being transformed by, Health 2.0 in conversations about the future of their businesses.


Sona Mehring interviewed by Chris Rauber
A non-profit largely funded 90% by individual donations. 
Connecting people on a care journey.

The site has no advertising on a site. 

The site emerged out of an incident where Sona was asked to help inform friends of the status of a friend that was going through a care incident.

West Shell, Chairman and CEO, Healthline interviewed by Zina Moukheiber, Forbes

Largest and fastest growing Health information provider to 50 companies and 100M consumers. 
Yahoo, AARP, AETNA, AOL   delivering contextually relevant content.

Healthline - secret sauce looks to be the taxonomy they have built that translates from medical to consumer speak

Pharma is moving online from TV to find audiences for niche therapies. 

HealthLine and ShareCare have announced a partnership.

Transparency is critical. Pharma has immense data resources. It is ridiculous to exclude them from the conversation.

People don't want general information. They want it personalized. 

Yahoo is the number 1 Health web resource - powered by Healthline.

The industry is ripe for new business models. 

Consumer Health sites are about Mass Personalization. 

Anne Wojcicki, Co-Founder and CEO, 23andme…interviewed by Russ Mitchell, Kaiser Health News

Pilot project to existing customers to get access to their full x-ome sequence for $1,000. 100 people will be accepted.

People want to explore their own data

An Exome is the functional genes. about 50M pairs. This is what leading researchers are working with.

The $99 + $9/month Personal Genome product looks at just a snapshot of the genome that is known to vary.

23andMe is also evolving as a research organization and not just a product company.

Your Genome is fascinating for many reasons including genealogy. But there is power in the crowd.

Engaging consumers in research is incredibly powerful. Patients are empowering researchers.

Education is a big focus for 23andme.

Where is this going... Genetics needs to be integrated in to healthcare.

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