Friday, October 14, 2011

#ITrans @farzad_ONC with HealthAffairs @jlneptune and Paul McGann talk about how we get the word out.

@Farzad_ONC talks with:

Innovators engaging in Health Care are often those that have had a personal experience with the Health Care system and realize the it is completely nuts!

Paul McGann - 

Reduce patient harm through Hospital Acquired Infections by 40% to Save 1.8B and 60,000 lives

The Patient Stories are the most powerful lever in driving change.

In Transitions - Affordable Care: c.3025 and c.3026 are the carrot and stick in the legislation.

First time that Medicare has not dictated HOW to deliver care. 

Community-based applications. No price dictated by Medicare. The requirement is to achieve the 0 day readmission goal.

Susan Dentzer - Health Affairs

The Leading journal on Health Policy

taking a new approach: Interested in interesting stories. Something that addresses a broadly perceived need.
You can submit a story via their website: 

How can we save 1M lives lost unnecessarily each year.

Jean Luc Neptune - Health 2.0

Talk to people outside the industry.

Bring people from outside the industry with their skills involved in Health Care.

Healthcare is a $2T Industry that is undergoing transformation in ways that no one knows.

How do we do Fierce Innovation on an industry that bites back

Insuring Safe Transitions from Hospital to Home. $40,000 in prizes.

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