Friday, October 14, 2011

#ITrans Focusing on Transitions from Hospital to Home - discussions and action at #KPCTH @dcpatient 7 things to do

Janhavi Kirtane introduces:

- Donna Cryer (@DCPatient)
- Joanne Lynn, MD, Altarum Institute


- Successful discharge starts before admission
- Treatment plans need to be integrated in to the life of a patient

7 things:

1. Quick access to patients medical history
2. Should we introduce iPads in hospital to introduce them to information for their recovery. Start education early.
3. How can we make sure we have latest meds and orders from all the different departments and doctors involved
4. Do not let the patient leave without making follow up appointments and with medications. Support the caregiver!
5. Discharge plan must be integrated, specific and tailored.
6. Fill in the gaps. What is happening in the patients life and pay attention to caregiver
7. Address family issues that can make or break an outcome. Joanne Lynn - Can't count the times that patients received in to home and hospice care with incomprehensible orders.

We spend a fortune treating people and then send them on with a kiss and a kick.
There is a light on the horizon. So many people are saying enough is enough. Change will happen.

Information transfer is essential but is not enough.

We need feedback loops. We need automatic feedback loops.

How do we build caring communities?

The Government is investing $1B in hospitals to deliver better care.

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