Friday, October 14, 2011

Putting the IT in TransITions at #KPCTH #ITrans

I am at the Kaiser Permanente Center For Total Health for the "Putting the IT in TransITions"  event.

This is also being broadcast in a live webcast and the Tweet stream is on the hashtag #ITrans.

Aaron McKethan is introducing the day.

The day is a discussion on how we create seamless care transitions in Health Care.

Janhavi Kirtane from the Beacon Communities.

- George Bo-Lin, MD, The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
- Scott Young, MD, Kaiser Permanente
- Chris Langston, PhD, The John A Hartford Foundation

Posing a challenge: improve the health of older Americans. They bear the biggest burden of our system's defects. So many times we fail in the Care Transitions

How can Beacon Communities show the way for a better health care system. Aim high and show the way.

Transitions are ubiquitous in Health Care - so why aren't we better at it?

The Industry thinks transitions happen in the hospital but patients think it happens at home. People will sign anything to get out of the hospital.

How can we perform a transition when the patient isn't ready to participate in the transition. 

Next up: 

- Farzad Mostashari, MD, Office of the National Coordinator for HIT

The health care system is in trouble

There are 3 things we have to do and we are making incredibly fast progress.

1. How patients are cared for
2. How care is paid for
3. How patients care for themselves. 

Keep the eye on the ball and Unite the tribes.

How do we engage innovation
How do we unleash data
How do we embrace diversity across communities

The role of Government is to NOT be an anchor.
Convene, lead, enable, facilitate. 

It is a life and death struggle for many of us.

- Todd Park, US Dept of Health and Human Services

Unleashing Data to help millions of americans. 

Todd recounts the Georgetown Health 2.0 Developer Challenge and the Food Oasis app that uses Text Messages. 
Food Oasis is about to receive an investment that is going to allow it to scale to seven cities. 

The message - You don't need to know about Health. You just need to care to change it.

Put a big freakin' hole in the paper thin wall of NO.

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