Wednesday, October 05, 2011

October 5th 2011 - A Sad Day as we lose a visionary genius RIP Steve Jobs

As I sat down on my Mac Laptop and took a look at Google Plus Robert Scoble's post stopped me in my tracks. ABC was reporting that the visionary genius of Apple, Steve Jobs has been lost to us. It is a sad day. For those of us in Technology this is like losing Elvis and Michael Jackson on the same day.
Steve Jobs was a visionary. A genius with insight and focus. He built Apple, not once, but twice. He stuck to his guns and created the most valuable company in the world. Whether it was Technology, Music or Movies Steve touched the lives of so many people on this planet. His vision has shaped not just technology but entire industries.

Steve bought a discipline and a sense of elegance to technology. Something that set Apple apart from just about every other company. Whether you carry an iPhone or a music player or any other modern smartphone in your pocket your life has been touched by this man's genius. Before Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone we were at the mercy of the wireless carriers and had to battle with our Smartphones. Steve made technology accessible. He made companies like Google, RIM and Microsoft rethink their approach.

Yes, it is a truly sad day in the history of technology. The day after the launch of a new iPhone Steve trumps everyone in a way none of us wanted. People may have been underwhelmed by the Apple announcements yesterday but these were just steps in the evolution of a great product line. As I blogged earlier today. Yesterday's announcement was about putting in place the building blocks for the next step forward. The iPhone 4 is in the middle of it's life cycle. The 4S with Siri will astound us. Once more Steve has changed the game.

Yes, Apple and the world has lost a true visionary but I am confident that Apple will continue to thrive. If there is one thing Steve Jobs accomplished, it was to build a great team at Apple that understood his vision. There may not be one individual that can match Steve, but as a team they bring a world beating capability that can steer Apple to success in the years ahead.
Steve Jobs - R.I.P. you will be missed by so many. Thank you for all you have given us.

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