Wednesday, October 05, 2011

#Siri -This is your Personal Assistant: HealthCare sit up. Take notice. @Drchronos are you ready to embed Siri?

Paul Miller posted a great assessment of Siri on the new iPhone 4S on the "This is My Next" Blog.

The message for me is one I have been thinking about for a long time. 5 years ago when I was writing for AOL I was pointing out that the context provided by mobiles added incredible context to search. Siri really confirms this. By having access to our Calendar, our reminders, Our Address Book, our messages and our location We can deduce a lot more from the context of a conversation. This is where Siri strikes a home run.

Now imagine that this capability was applied to HealthCare. Imagine a doctor on their rounds in a hospital. If their phone, or tablet (yes - surely we can expect Siri to arrive in the iPad3) knows where they are and can match that to the room or bed and patient they are attending to suddenly a deep new layer of context is added to the Doctor's interaction with their phone or tablet.  

I can't wait for tablet EMRs like DR Chronos to gain access to the Siri API and for HealthCare companies to build a HealthCare cognizant lexicon for Siri. A doctor could interact with Siri to update a patient's health record. Siri might prompt to make sure all the relevant checks and balances are completed during the session with a patient with a copy of the record being sent via the Direct Project (The Rainbow Button Initiative's White Button) to the patient at the conclusion of an appointment.  

If you want to think about transforming HealthCare - Now you are talking!

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