Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dear Posterous - Help me deal with spam comments with the same ease that I can post to my blog

I don't know if other Posterous users have an issue with spam. It is beginning to frustrate me. Not so much the spam itself but rather the steps necessary in order to remove a spam comment. This is completely out of step with Posterous' legendary simplicity. This is one area where WordPress seems to be well ahead of Posterous in usability.

When you receive an email notifying you of a comment on a blog WordPress offers links to Approve, Spam or Trash the comment.
With Posterous comments are automatically posted to my blog, may be this is a setting I can configure, and the email notice offers me an easy way to post a reply to a comment. when you have legitimate comments on your blog that is a great feature. However, when the comment is spam I want to remove it. I don't see an easy way to do that.

When I am on my iPhone using the Posterous App I can remove my Post in a couple of steps, but removing a comment on a post seems to be impossible. I even tried opening the web link to the post with the comment. but I couldn't see the "remove comment" link. So I opened the page in Safari.

It is crazy that removing a comment is many times harder than removing a post.
Dealing with Spam will always be a cat and mouse game that is difficult to get ahead of. Here are my suggestions for improving the situation.

1. Add a link in the Comment Email to be able to Trash or mark the post as Spam. We probably want both options.

2. To keep in the spirit of Posterous simplicity that allows posting from an email why not set up two special mailboxes that work like the Post to Posterous email. If I receive a comment I should be able to forward the email to spam@posterous.com or trash@posterous.com and have Posterous automagically trash or spam the posted comment using the From Address in the forwarded email.

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