Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Americans than not want health law repeal: poll

A recent poll suggests that 47% of Americans want the affordable Carre act repealed.

Yet the majority also believe that there should be healthcare for all. If ACA is repealed do Americans really want:
- older kids in a family denied coverage on their family policy if they are over 18 but under age 26?
- insurance companies to be able to refuse coverage because of a pre-existing condition?

I believe that the insurance exchanges that are being established under ACA will drive a shift that puts more Americans in direct charge of their health care insurance and see a reduction in directly sponsored employer based health plans. This will be a positive development for the better health insurers since individuals are more likely to stay with a plan they like and will cease to be "shopped around" by their employers as they seek better deals every couple of years. With more longevity to a health plan contract the plans will have an incentive to focus on real prevention rather than remedial care. Just look at the average member relationship at Kaiser Permanente versus other insurers. I don't have the stats to hand but believe you would see the KP member staying for 10+ years whereas your typical employer sponsored plan moves insurer every couple of years.

The Affordable Care Act can no doubt be improved upon but that is no reason to throw it out or cripple it. We have already seen a massive surge in innovation in healthcare which I believe is all resulting from the health reform initiatives.

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