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#MHS11 Day 2 Keynotes.

This is a live blog post from the mHealth Summit. The summit is taking place from December 5-7th at the Gaylord National Convention Center, National Harbor, MD.

This is a live blog post, as such the notes are made in real time and posted with minimal editing. I am sharing these via Facebook, Twitter and my blog to help others get a snapshot of the activities at the conference. You can follow the tweet stream at #MHS11 or follow the mHealth Summit's twitter account @mhealthsummit.

The day 2 Keynotes:  

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

9:30–10:00 AM — Morning Keynote


Verizon Wireless
Surgeon General of the United States
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services


Verizon's Stratton tells us we spent $1.1T on Chronic Disease in 2010 & cost $2.2T by 2020-12% of GDP & 7 of 10 deaths 

John Stratton points to the banks. Redefining customer relationship and reduced cost. HealthCare and Education are the last stand outs for change.

The Verizon approach to Digital Care Solutions:

- Mobile Clinicians
- Digital Care Management
- Virtual Care
- Independent Living

All built on 4G LTE.

Home based telemedicine is promising: 20% reduction in hospitalizations. 70% increased days between visits.

Mainly based on fixed wired line solutions. This needs to go mobile to give additional flexibility.

Leverage mobility and the cloud to transform chronic care management.

Building a scalable cloud-based digital care management platform.

I wonder how open Verizon's care management platform will be?

Integrate best of breed connected medical devices to track health goals.  Personalized care plans integrated in to daily life via all major smartphones.

I am wondering if Personalized Care Management is just the next consumer lock-in strategy?

Launching Mid-2012 focused around key chronic diseases. So they must be looking at providers buying smartphones for members. Or they will push consumers to switch to Verizon.

Verizon is partnering with Duke University: UPMC and Wellpoint in various pilots..

Verizon is pushing for reimbursement advocacy - allow mobile health tools to be charged for.

Good to push for inter-state credentialling to unleash telemedicine applications.

It will be interesting to compare AT&T's mHealth strategy to Verizon's. I suspect Verizon is further ahead in presenting a coherent mhealth strategy.

Next Up Dr. Regina Benjamin

The National Prevention Strategy.

Good health extends beyond health care. Change the way we think about health. An integrated approach that includes housing, food, road safety. preventive health services, empowered people and eliminate disparities.

Increase the number of americans who are healthy at every stage of life.

Prevention needs to be profitable and joyful.

Be more positive. Tell people what they CAN DO. - Stepping out with the Surgeon General. 

60 second Surgeon General Dance Break. - Let's encourage Radio stations to help people get active - e.g  by dancing.

There is now a Surgeon General App Challenge - 

1.Physical Activity
2. Healthy Eating
3. Integrated Health

Something easy and simple to use. Open until December 30th. Checkout SurgeonGeneral.gov.

The final word:  Remember to take your flu shot. 

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