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#MHS11 Medical Grade Wireless Testing: Accelerating Deployment in Health Care Settings through Test Environments

This is a live blog post from the mHealth Summit. The summit is taking place from December 5-7th at the Gaylord National Convention Center, National Harbor, MD.

This is a live blog post, as such the notes are made in real time and posted with minimal editing. I am sharing these via Facebook, Twitter and my blog to help others get a snapshot of the activities at the conference. You can follow the tweet stream at #MHS11 or follow the mHealth Summit's twitter account @mhealthsummit.

Medical Grade Wireless Testing: Accelerating Deployment in Healthcare Settings through Test Environments 
Test beds play a promising role in advancing wireless innovation. To be successful, supportive policies and coordinated activity are needed across the private sector and government. Help shape the path forward.

Gregory S. Walton

El Camino Hospital

Anura Fernando
Research Engineer
Underwriters Laboratories

David Hoglund
Integra Systems, Inc.

Ira Keltz
Deputy Chief - OET

Chris Riha
Clinical Engineer
Carilion Clinic 

Medical Grade usually means expensive.

Proprietary networks in health care are dead. The move is to use the IT Wired and Wireless Infrastructure.

But IT don't want the liability and risk of having medical devices on their IT network.

The typical Wireless LAN in a hospital has not been designed for medical device use.

Computing has entered every area in which we function: medicine, home, work...

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