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#mhs11 The impact of cloud computing and online solutions on mHealth

This is a live blog post from the mHealth Summit. The summit is taking place from December 5-7th at the Gaylord National Convention Center, National Harbor, MD.

This is a live blog post, as such the notes are made in real time and posted with minimal editing. I am sharing these via Facebook, Twitter and my blog to help others get a snapshot of the activities at the conference. You can follow the tweet stream at #MHS11 or follow the mHealth Summit's twitter account @mhealthsummit.

Session 3
3:15–4:15 PM
The Impact of Cloud Computing and *Online Solutions on mHealth
Taking mHealth solutions to scale is an inevitable consequence of successful deployments. As public and private entities seek ways to optimize mHealth to help control costs and improve access to tools, information, and resources, they are are exploring the promise of cloud computing services. Organizations in highly regulated sectors such as healthcare must be prioritize security and other cloud issues when considering cloud computing solutions and online storage tools. This session approaches the mHealth cloud computing from a variety of perspectives including defining need, deployment, and evaluation.

Halle Tecco

Founder & Managing Director 
Rock Health

Jesse Coleman
mHeallth Project Manager
BC Centre for Disease Control

Nadine Levick
Founder/Research Dir.
EMS Safety Foundation

Mehul Shah
CTIS, Inc.

Flaura Winston
Scientific Dirc. Professor
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia / University of Pennsylvania 

Nadine Levick - iRescu

300,000 out of hospital cardiac arrests per year. Less than 25% receive CPR.

Developing a CPR/AED multimedia two-way support management system using smartphones.

Develop an App that avoids using medical jargon to teach use of AED.

Using Crowd sourcing to supplement database of AEDs.

Jesse Coleman - mHealth Content Management

Using a Content Management System to target Health Text messaging.

mHealth Content Management System - 

Ruby on Rails Platform
PHP Interface
SQL Database
Secure Web Interface

Mehul Shah - CEO of CTIS. Inc.

Current health trends is that 50% of US Population will have at least one chronic condition by 2025.

Innovative Intervention. 

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