Monday, December 05, 2011

#MHS11 ONC Town Hall Meeting on Consumer Engagement - Led by @Lygeia

This is a live blog post from the mHealth Summit. The summit is taking place from December 5-7th at the Gaylord National Convention Center, National Harbor, MD.
This is a live blog post, as such the notes are made in real time and posted with minimal editing. I am sharing these via Facebook, Twitter and my blog to help others get a snapshot of the activities at the conference. You can follow the tweet stream at #MHS11 or follow the mHealth Summit's twitter account @mhealthsummit.

Special Session:

ONC TownHall Meeting on Consumer Engagement

Monday, December 5, 2011, 4:30–6:00 PM

Overview: Join Lygeia Ricciardi, Senior Advisor for Consumer e-Health at the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, and other members of ONC’s new Consumer e-Health program for a TownHall meeting to learn more about their strategy to boost consumer engagement in health via information technology.
ONC is making an unprecedented push toward promoting consumer access to and use of health information to better manage health and health care. Learn about the strategies and initiatives of this new program---the first-ever of its kind in the federal government. Additionally, find out how your organization can participate in a pledge program that offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • An opportunity to help shape ONC’s consumer engagement strategy
  • A forum to elevate issues and provide input on policy barriers/challenges that the federal government could help address
  • Access to a community of peers to exchange best practices
  • Input into the development of tools to educate and engage consumers
  • Opportunities to network and partner with consumer organizations, provider organizations, and other stakeholder groups that share a similar vision
Lygeia Ricciardi leads the Office of the National Coordinator's Town Hall session on Consumer Engagement. 
1/3 of US Population is engaged in Health. 1/3 not engaged and 1/3 in the middle. 
We want people to have EFFECTIVE engagement. ie. When it matters.
Technology and Community changes are driving change. mHealth is part of that change.
ONC's role is to act as a catalyst for change.
ONC Strategic Approach
1. Access
2. Action
3. Attitude
Get access to information . Support the creation of tools and services that help consumers take actions. Attitude is about changing expectations.
1. Access to Information - The Pledge for Consumer Engagement in Health. Data Providers and Non-Data Holders.
HealthCamp Foundation has taken the Non-Data Holder Pledge.
More than 200 organizations have taken the pledge. This provides access to personal health information for more than 100 Million Americans.
Lygeia asked me to explain why Foundation took the Non-Data Holder Pledge. We have to put the Patient at the center. 
Fight Disassociated Patient Syndrome (Fight DPS!)
ONC is also involved with and is  putting up incentives and prizes to entrepreneurs to improve care transitions.
"Putting the I in Health IT"
ONC is looking for interesting and inspiring stories for people getting engaged in their care. 
Crowd sourced video contest and animated film to help create awareness around health care engagement.
ONC will use online media to develop a series of messages:
1. Healthcare is getting an upgrade via IT (build awareness)
2. Choose a provider who uses Health IT for your convenience and safety.
3. Get a copy of your own health info and check to make sure it is right.
4. Use e-health tools to engage in your health.
Frontier Issues:
1. Integration of patient generated data in to EHR's/Clinical Care
2. Use of Social media for Health
3. Enabling proxy access to personal data
4. Integrating information about costs and quality with clinical info to help consumers understand context of their decisions.

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