Thursday, January 26, 2012

#CISummit @aneeshChopra is up with Ignite Talks on prizes and Challenges (@DDDiabetes, @KP JandJ

Aneesh Chopra: Rousing the crowd. Aneesh has to build on the @Todd_Park mojo.

Innovation will grow new industries and new businesses. 

America Competes gives the government new tools to spark breakthrough ideas.

Ignite Talks on Prizes and Challenges

1. Dennis Urbaniak: Sanofi - Diabetes Challenge

Crowdsourcing Health

2012 Data Design Diabetes Innovation Challenge:

1. Crowdsource applications
2. Open Submission
3. Mentorship
4. Demo Day
5. Support 

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2. Johnson & Johnson / Janssen Healthcare 

Janssen Connected Care Challenge.

Caring for a person who has been hospitalized is very challenging. Can we develop a tool or system to help people coordinate care.

1 in 3 people discharged don't see their physician inside 30 days.

This is a $15B problem. $12B is preventable!

How do you connect caretakers, medication, therapy, physician, hospital in a coordinated care plan.

The challenge is looking for approaches to improve connected care. Prizes range from $50,000 to $100,000.

3. James Albino - White House /  Michael Horberg - Kaiser Permanente.

Kaiser Permanente HIV Innovation Challenge

KP's systemic approach to HIV treatment leads the nation. mortality rates are much lower than national average. Their approach also eliminates the treatment disparities  amongst disadvantaged communities.

KP is largest provider of integrated HIV care in the USA.

Get patients diagnosed, in to care and on a course of treatment leads to better outcomes and productive lives.

Multi-disiplinary care. using the EMR, coordinated treatment.

The challenge: join KP and benefit from their lessons learned.  No cost access to the toolkit they have compiled.

Access to mentorship and treatment and care guidelines.

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