Thursday, January 26, 2012

#CISummit Rick Gilfillan, MD - Director CMS Innovation Center and @Todd_Park

Rick Gilfillan - Director of CMS Innovation Center with Todd_Park, CTO and Entrepreneur in Residence at Health and Human Services.

The CMS Innovation Center Approach:

Is the Triple Aim possible?

Amongst diabetics: Treatment (insulin and blood strips) = $3600 per year v leg amputation for ulcerated foot = $50,000

A system that is good at providing "care fragments" 

The Emergency Room is becoming the only viable place to get care for a growing population.

Achieving the three part aim:
1. Commitment:
2. Innovation
3. Spread the innovations with wide adoptions

Innovation approaches:
Medical Homes
Accountable Care Organizations
Bundled Payments

"No one went to school to provide fragmented, expensive care"

If something CMS Innovation Center tests something that can improve care with positive results then they can promote regulations to aodpt the new payment structures.

This provides the opportunity to move from pay for volume to pay for outcomes.

Multi-Payer Primary Care Practice

Federally Qualified Health Centers Medical Homes

Dual Eligible population: 9M have Medicare and Medicaid coverage.

Pioneer ACOs - 32 contracts to test ACO models reaching 87,000 medicare beneficiaries.

Diffusion and Scale: 
- Innovation Advisors
- Million Hearts (could save 1M lives over 5 years)
- Partnership for Patients (focusing on patient safety and care transitions)

The Innovation Challenge: $1B of awards to demonstrate new methods of care.

A large portion of the audience are interested in this challenge which closes on Friday January 27th - Tomorrow!

Data is critical. 

Todd Park now talks about how data will get to innovators.

CMS is embracing the power of Data Liberacion.

Data is rocket fuel for innovation

Strategic priority to unleash the power of CMS data to improve health care - while protecting patient privacy..

Blue Button - VA, Medicare beneficiaries can download their own personal health or claims record.

500,000 people have downloaded their data. Adoption is accelerating. This is expanding to private sector organizations. 

Robert Wood Johnson have established

Data for ACOs

Medicare Data Sharing for Performance Measurement - these reports will be made available to the general public.

These are just the beginning. Improving accessibility and serviceability of data is a core service function for CMS.

There is no problem America can't innovate its way out of - apply the innovation mojo!

Rick Gilfillan: Now is the time to decide - adopt innovation. Change the way we think. It is not abstract. It is a real issue.  Doing nothing is making the decision to standstill. 

It is not easy. it is difficult. Remember the first rule of medicine: Do no harm.

CMS pledges to be a constructive force in this change.

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