Wednesday, January 25, 2012

#CISummit - Chronic Disease Management

NudgeRX - Virtual recovery guidance engine for post-op patients.

Being challenged to work further upstream in pre-op readiness.

Targeting 25-35% reduction  in 30-90 days.

360Fresh - Addressing unplanned Readmission Rates.
Realtime analysis of medical records. Identify/track at risk patients.

The long tail of the patient population re-admissions. 

Real-time review of medical records. 

Predict readmissions. 

Target at-risk patients for personalized care.

Passionate about transforming medical data in to improved quality of care.

Have analyzed over 25M patient visits.

7 Hills - Home Care

Necessity is the mother of invention. 1 in 10 hospitalizations can be prevented. The majority are medicare patients. 

7 Hills does home visits for chronic medicare patients. Screen patients for risks of falls. Significantly reduce costs to medicare.

Falls are a $28B Cost for Medicare.

Struggling to obtain funding. 

Prevent calls by increasing mobility. knock on effect on Hypertension and other conditions.

NudgeRx - Health Plans looking at elective surgery and nudging people away from surgery. Surgeons looking at nudging people towards elective surgery.

360Fresh - Business model is as an enterprise solution co-located with EMR platform in hospital systems. Hospitalists provides a dashboard report identifying their high risk patients.

CabinCreek - No show

Biscayne Institute of Health & Living - coordinated Health Care System.

Many physicians don't have resources to become a medical home.

presented by Marie DiCowden

The Advisory Board Company - Crimson Initiative

Danbury Hospital - a progressive hospital when it comes to patient engagement.
Crimson Continuum of Care:
- Physician friendly user interface.
- Severity adjusts in patient data.
- drill down to case level details.
- Time and risk adjusted.

Using Crimson to review and inflect clinical performance and unnecessary utilization.

Driving a Halo Effect across the hospital to affect savings.

The shift in culture to pay for value and away from pay for volume made the adoption of this system an opportunity to get ahead of the curve.  It takes real leadership to bring physicians to the table to adopt.

Some doctors at the hospital have used the data to create a clinical center of excellence.  The data demonstrated that savings can be achieved while maintaining or increasing the quality of outcomes.

data is based on claims data.

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