Wednesday, January 25, 2012

#CISummit Hurdles to Better Care, Better Health at lower cost discussion

A lunchtime panel addressing how to overcome the hurdles to achieving Better Care, Better Health at Lower Cost:

- Kelsey Gowin (Special Assistant to Richard J Gifilan, CMS Innovation Center
- Jack Cochran (Executive Director, Permanente Federation)
- Joseph Smith (Chief Medical and Science Officer, The West Wireless Health Institute)

The panel is moderated by Jean-Luc Neptune, Health 2.0.

West Wireless is focused on cost because it threatens our health system. It is an uncomfortable conversation.
Responsibility over cost does not automatically mean rationing. Technology has the opportunity to improve the cost picture. Ample room to do more at lower cost.

CMS - The Three Part aim has an implicit Patient Centric approach.

Health is not isolated. Health is part of a patient's overall life. It impacts their wealth. Over half of all personal bankruptcies are due to medical costs.

No single aim is the most important. We have disparities, shortages, all compounded by a severe recession and an explosion in baby boomers. We have to deal with all the issues - they are inter-related.

Joe Smith - Put health care on the same footing as every other technology-based industry.

In no other industry do you consume the product and after the fact find out what you received and what it cost.

Consumerism is a driving force emerging in Health Care.

CMS is excited by the level of response to challenges and innovation programs.
KP is excited by the move from good to excellent results in conjunction with the transition to Team-based delivery of service.

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