Thursday, February 23, 2012

#HIMSS12 @farzad_onc keynote

I am presenting at the Leading From the Future track at #HIMSS12 but first it is time to listen to some great speakers this morning.

Farzad Mostashari of the Office of the National Coordinator kicks off the day with a keynote address in the Palazzo Ballroom

Farzad starts off with some of his history - Big data in health before we thought about big data.

Syndromic surveillance to measure the health of communities.

Recognizing gaps in care. 

The right care is only delivered about 50% of the time.
Use Health IT to bake in prevention.

It took an average of 23 contacts to enroll local clinics in the poorest NYC neighborhoods to sign up for health IT tools.

"The insanity of billing"
"Reimbursement is about time and materials and not about quality"

Implementing 229 EHR implementations and achieved a 10% improvement in health measures.

Meaningful use is about improving health and health care. 

The MU Roadmap - but there was no road

In two years 62 Regional Extension centers have worked with 130,00 providers. 70% of rural providers.

Open sourcing an Open Health IT education program.

17 Beacon communities to demonstrate what the future of Health IT is today.

More progress with Health Record adoption in 2 years than in the previous 20 years.

Health IT ecosystem is shifting. 

more than 2,000 hospital systems have received incentive programs. 

50,000 jobs created in health IT. 

Interoperability standards adopted in 2010. Used Open Source developer community.

Government set the goal and principles, and measures and timelines.

Moving ahead on defining rules of the road for secure patient data exchanges.

Two other societal changes that need to be aligned with:

- Delivery and payment reform
- Consumer empowerment and engagement

Farzad talks about a doctor's transformative moment when he realized that the Notes in a patients record weren't his notes, weren't the provider's notes or the payor's notes - they were the PATIENT's notes.

Place the patient and their interests at the center of everything we do...

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