Wednesday, February 22, 2012

#HIMSS12 Innovation Summit w/@reginaHolliday WillYu and others.

I am here at HIMSS12 to speak tomorrow. I just arrived and dived in to the Innovation Summit.

Will Yu revealed that 8,000 letters of intent for the CMS Innovation Grant were received and by the January deadline around 3,000 applications were received.

The challenge for the innovation challenge is to identify projects that lead to better healthcare and lower costs.

At the same time the volume of applications demands that the assessment process is speeded up.

CMS has 11 years of data that can be used. It is updated monthly.Let's create a standard set of data to allow comparative analysis.
Using Quality measures to drive down costs.
Commercial payors are an important part of the process.Incentives are an important aspect - Don't discount their impact.

We have to make incentives transparent and accessible to providers and patients.

Should we be crowd sourcing our data?

How do we overcome the defensive nature of many data sources?

Regina Holliday suggested we need to get visible at the DMV.
I recommended that we reclassify our health data as one of our organs and have it covered by the organ donation declaration when people fill out the driving license application.

Let's focus on practical and tangible actions that can make a difference. We need to move quickly.

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