Saturday, March 24, 2012

Posterous - you failed me! But at least I caught some pics of @MissRogue 's Keynote session. #In2

I am here at the Insquared Innovation conference. I was trying to use the Posterous App on an ASUS Transformer  tablet and was making notes from a great Tara Hunt keynote session when I got a message that Posterous was not connected. 

I had taken a couple of pictures  which were saved but when I went back in to the app there were no draft notes. No autosave on the web through the app. So I lost some great notes from Tara's session.

Posterous - can you update your spaces app to either save a draft locally or perform an autosave at regular intervals on the web. I assume the Postrous mobile App is actually interfacing with the web platform.

What have I learned? Stick to email for posting to Posterous!

Here was Tara Hunt kicking off here Keynote session at InSquared. (


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