Tuesday, April 24, 2012

#Django District - 508 Compliance

Great presentation on 508 compliance.
This is a federal requirement to enable access to people with disabilities.

Avoid:- Images with Text
- Bad Alt Text
- Poor HTML layout (pass the W3C validation tests)
- Add Focus Indicators
- Designs that don't grow (allow fonts to expand - does navigation still work)
- Poor color contrast (Light background light font)

Enable Keyboard navigation and mouse navigation (not one at exclusion of the other)

Avoid rubber-band elementsAvoid Pin Point Accuracy (eg. small checkboxes)

Enable tabbing to get through the site.. Think about Tabbing sequence.

Avoid overriding focus in CSS.

Avoid Crazy Key Combinations (people may have use of only one hand)

People without headphones can be the same as people who are deaf.

Put Closed Captioning on your Videos.

Avoid Auto Play.

People with hearing disabilities may have problems with really long sentences (more than 15 words).Also avoid long paragraphs as well (for ADD type disabilities).

Don't use Audio only queues.

Poor quality live-streamed videos. Hard to discern movements or audio.

Don't "mute" the chat box.

Loss of navigation. Keep the global navigation visible.

Dark backgrounds ar ehard for dyslexics to read.

Avoid Serif fonts.

Avoid busy backgrounds.


Motion ads can be annoying.

Pictures provide an anchor.

Justified text can be difficult for dyslexics.

Cool tools:

- Daltonizer
- N-Wax (for Chrome)
- Dev tools in the browser
- Fangs (FF)

For images you can use a CSS Style of Hidden and a Font size of zero to allow information that can be picked up from screen readers without corrupting the page design.

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