Tuesday, April 24, 2012

#Django District Testing Facebook Canvas Apps

Eric Palakovich Carr - aka @bigsassy

Facebook Canvas Apps. 

A Facebook namespace that points to your web service.  Basically an iframe in Facebook.

Facebook has a signed request. 

People go to Facebook

They go to your app. That hits your app on your server via a POST. 

The POST has the necessary user credentials and supporting social data. eg.


You will want to mine this data. Otherwise why create a Canvas App?

Take the signed Request from Facebook. Use Middleware app to match to your database data.

This is an example where Mock is a good tool to mock up the Facebook API responses.

Also look at Django Gargoyle

Gargoyle is a platform built on top of Django which allows you to switch functionality of your application on and off based on conditions.
Great for testing on production with your in-house users.

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